Mia Holmberg is just a normal person, living a normal life teaching school.  When she agrees to stand in for her cousin, Princess Birgitte of Stagatland at a birthday celebration for the king of Mezzano, she has no idea that her life will forever change.

Crown Prince Vittorio has long been enamored with Princess Birgitte.  Knowing his father is ill and time is running out, Vittorio must soon choose his bride.  Birgitte would be perfect.  He decides to invite her to the birthday celebration at which time, he will propose marriage. 

While at the party, Vittorio doesn’t realize he’s not actually dancing with Birgitte.  He’s dancing with Mia.  What will he do once he realizes this deception?  How will he ever let Mia go?

I enjoyed this book my Natasha Moore.  It’s different than most of what I’ve been reading lately, and I like that.  All characters were well written and developed, and woven into the story wonderfully.  Things have been perfectly set up for more books in this series.