Anna got herself into a pickle!  She’s been pretending to have a boyfriend, “Dave”, for six months.  She was so tired of people constantly trying to fix her up!!  She had to do something to get everyone to leave her alone.  However, that plan sort of backfired when it came time for Kristen’s wedding.

Jake has had his eye on Anna for months.  He would watch her every day when she came home from work.  When they finally meet, she tells him about her problem.  Jake offers to stand in as “Dave” as the wedding.  Little did either one know just how REAL their relationship would be.

I really enjoyed this book by Jennifer Chance.  The story flows beautifully, and is easy to read.  With her descriptions, I could totally picture each character in my mind.  There was just enough sizzle in the romance department without being nasty or over the top.